06 December 2009


Ok so long long time no post.
No excuses, just a new piece. It is the fourth in the monster series, though I can see that I never posted the first three here! Will get onto that :) for now enjoy KIDZILLA! RAAAAAARGH!


  1. LOL WOW! this brought a smile to my face, ied love to see a close up on the lego mans face, i could imagine the intense emotion ha. Great work bro!

  2. Absolutely fantastic piece dude.
    Love the lighting, the scale, just the sheer fun of it.

  3. Like Greg said. And also the angle and the colors!

  4. Hey just found your blog randomly tonight and I LOVE your stuff! This image in particular is AMAZING. : )

  5. Found this print today @ the new Dowse. Couldn't afford it as we bought a station wagon for the baby on the way but would definitely love to buy a print off you later for the baby's room!

  6. Kiersten you are too kind :)
    I'm glad you enjoy the joy of imagined reckless destruction that little Kidzilla is revelling in!

    Angeline, congrats on the baby! You sure you want this kind of mischief as a role model for your child? Sure thing! Feel free to get in touch with me directly if you want a print. I should have some new stuff coming out real soon. Otherwise Eyeball Kicks on Cuba Street stock my stuff too - and they do their own framing. I will put up a store section on the blog / website one day, but with how busy things have been lately I wouldn't hold my breath :P