18 October 2010


Hey guys,

This is a new piece I worked on over the weekend called "Dragonslide".
It is pencil on paper and measures roughly 20 x 29cm.
If you want to see it in the flesh it is currently hanging in Deluxe Cafe (next to the Embassy on Kent Terrace in Wellington City). There is a small joint exhibition there between myself, Andy Shaw, Tim Gibson and Guido Thum. Some pieces are originals, others are prints. They were hung yesterday and will be on display for two weeks.

This particular piece is not for sale at this stage. I plan to do a bit more work on the texture of the dragon and eventually hope to carry it through to a finish in oils.


  1. Ho! That's some hot shit right there! That bounce light warming up his puku is niiiiice.

  2. beautiful pencil work matty!

  3. Rad bro! love the shading and form on your dragon, those pencil strokes own!

  4. That is lovely, cousin.
    It makes me smile.
    It actually forces me to smile!
    Nobody forces me to do anything! When I find you....

  5. Chur chur fullas! It is back in my posession now, so I will finish it off and hopefully crank out the oil version :)
    Interesting that you say the light is "warming up hi puku" there Christian. You're not the only one to mention that light as warm, despite the image being greyscale. Interesting...