11 October 2010

HP Lovecraft

Hey guys,
Did a wee sketch on the weekend for an H P Lovecraft themed contest. It's rapidly getting as dark as the Wayne Barlowe inspired piece I did a few posts back. Had a lot of fun sketching this one up, but not quite satisfied with it to take it to finish yet. I think the Cthulu inspired dragon (yeah, it's a nightmare creature so I didn't worry too much about evolutionary biology for this one) needs to be turned towards us a bit so that we can see his form better than the perfect profile silhouette. I imagine the inside of that mouth lookin a little like the sandworms from Dune, so maybe I'll let us look up inside it a bit more... let me know what you think?


  1. Spandex shaw12/10/2010, 08:53

    sweet! Looks like the guy standing on the platform just showed the dragon 2girls1cup ;)

  2. Thats frickin awesome! You make me sick! ;) Wish I could just whip up sketches over the weekend like that!

  3. Awesome!
    I always thought it would be a bad idea to build a castle on that kind of place.

  4. Maybe the neighbourhood went to hell with the recession Frankie?