13 November 2010

More Watercolours

These watercolours are a bit older. They are from the trip Jo and I took through Asia late last year.
I did a lot of drawings in the journal I was writing in, but I only managed to get a few watercolours done. We were usually too busy going to this temple, or that shrine or some exhibition or other.

Top left image is a beach on Ko Phi Phi (the neighbouring island to the one featured in 'the Beach'). It was a beautiful beach but always had trash laying about, which was very sad for us to see. We are really spoiled here.

Top right is a manicured garden in Japan, though I really didn't do it justice. Their gardens were immaculate and very inspiring.

The bottom double-page piece was painted in Pai, in northern Thailand. We sat on the balcony of a cafe called 'Coffee in Love' and I got a caramel mocha (a very cultural drink). The view was amazing - over the whole valley full of natural forest interspersed with rice paddies. If you've ever been to Asia, you'll know the supernatural green glow that a rice paddy gives off. That was what I was hoping to capture with this piece. It was so incredibly hot that day however that my brushstrokes would dry almost immediately. It put me off a bit, and you can see the texture from where I really had to scrub pigment out of the paper to make adjustments.


  1. Nice atmosphere!
    I can't believe there was no naked ladies on those beaches...

  2. Great work man! Inspires me to get out in the countryside with my paints and easel.