28 March 2011

Exhibition at the Dowse winds up

It has been a hectic end to summer.  Friends have had babies and weddings. The Hobbit is cranking along full steam, I've been doing freelance work in between drawing dwarfs and marauding in pine forests with the Weta airsoft posse. I've also been training with viking blooded Nick Keller, thereby losing the beginning of the Weta-Belly that was forming much to my dismay :) The days have just flown by, but there have been some great times in there. Now the air is chilling and the light changing as Autumn rapidly takes hold of Wellywood.

The White Cloud Worlds exhibition at the New Dowse in Lower Hutt has now closed. Thanks to everybody who stopped by and visited, and for all the kind words that came back about the work and the book. It has been a tremendous experience.

We recently had a day of residency out there (that I forgot to mention ahead of time - sorry!) where I had the pleasure of meeting a host of attendees. Many were genre art fans and hobbyists, though many were not and simply came to the museum unaware it had been hijacked by robots and monsters. Thank you to everyone who came and flipped through my sketchbooks, complementing my chicken scratchings beyond their merit. Patrons gave me names of authors to read, artists to discover and films to check out and generally made what could have been a nervous and awkward afternoon into a relaxing hang-out. Here are some pics from the day that Paul recently posted on the White Cloud Worlds blog:

For those that don't know us, and didn't make it along, the pics are of myself, David Meng, Paul Tobin and Nick Keller respectively. Also, if you were the friendly young English artist I met, please do send me a pic of your Brom inspired Centaur piece when you get back home. I would really love to see it :)

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