04 December 2011

Environment Mood Studies

Here's a wee update on an environment piece I posted recently. Although I was satisfied with it at the time, my friend and colleague Eduardo Pena encouraged me to take it further. While he liked the initial pic, he suggested trying new lighting scenarios and times of day with the same image. It was great advice and it inspired me to put in a little more work.

Eduardo is a very skilled artist and a very hard worker but most importantly he has a great attitude. Where I might get frustrated he sees every failure or difficulty as an opportunity to learn something. It's an admirable way to look at things, and pretty helpful in a production environment where work is discarded at an alarming rate irrelevant of any small victories you may have had in its creation :P

I have another version underway too, that I will sneak into this post at some point in the future.


  1. You are a great man, man!

  2. The colours and shadows the in evening rendering look rad!

  3. Loyalty my old friend! Thanks guys!