31 July 2012

Working Process

There's often a greater sense of energy and gesture in exploratory sketches that can be really hard to carry through to a finished image. It's something I struggle with, not tightening my images up so much that I strangle them.

A few friends have asked me in the past if I would be willing to put up more process shots or sketches, so here are some thumbnails and colour roughs for an environment piece I've been wanting to do. Hopefully the finished piece will follow soon after :)

Let me know in the comments if you have a favourite composition too. I already have two favourites that I just can't choose between...


  1. Damn Matthew, I'm glad you came out of your cave to post these. Great stuff man, love the colours in that bottom left one. Something Wyeth-esque about it.
    +50 art points for the lens flare btw

  2. Damn your sketchin is so fine bol! some nice colour choices in the wee studies too.
    I agree on CP's pick too!

  3. Hey thanks guys!
    The bottom two were my favourites, and I've taken them both a little further now. Thanks for the comments.

    Glad you like the lens flare CP :)

  4. I thought those two on the left are favourite and you cannot choose between them. It seems that the same time of day is there but you are looking at opposite directions.
    Reminded me constructions of the ocean from novel Solaris by Stanisław Lem.

  5. Hey Veich,

    I can see why you thought it was those two - interesting reasoning :) I think I prefer the bottom two because of the perspective. By tipping the camera up or down, it makes the image more dramatic and interesting, while adding depth and making the shapes read more 3D.
    The low angle is possibly more dramatic, but I liked the last one, mainly because it was a little bit different to the other solutions. And I just wanted to paint that braided river in so bad :P

  6. Hey Cavematty,

    How is it going? When will you show the finished piece? Wish you luck and let the Force will be with you! :)

  7. Hey Veich, thanks for the reminder :)

  8. left bottom one:::: pfffff amazing!