20 August 2012


Here's something a little different - some environments that are a bit more 'real-world' based. I frequently help out on the early stages of museum and public installation projects with illustrative visualisations. The main difference from film environment work is that the space has already been designed to some extent. Sometimes it is purely a creative idea driving the image, but often architects have already been involved, and I need to match specific dimensions in my pictures making the process more particular.

These images were done for the Ocean Education Centre Trust, who plan to build an extensive new facility on Wellington's rugged south coast. The aim is to educate the public about the fantastic array of life under the water. Helping people to appreciate the oceans is the first step in the challenge of conserving them.

These images were made under the skillful guidance of James and Crystal at Story Inc. I particularly enjoyed dealing with all the interesting lighting opportunities this kind of space creates.


  1. I... I... can't get past the character in that last illustration. I think I'm in love!
    These are all great man, real pro type shit!

  2. He luvs ya right back Christian. You know it :) xx

  3. Nice self portrait...love the way you've nailed the hair :)