16 April 2013

Cypress Matte - Animated shot

Hey guys, here is the animated version of the Cypress Matte.  I learned a few new techniques in its' creation that I had never used before.

You can watch it in HD here.


  1. Crap Balls that's amazing!!!!!

  2. My mind! It is boggled!

  3. Wow! Absolutely stunning work!

  4. Hey that is super cool Matt, with the steps at the end too. I had to watch it 10 times to see what was real and what wasn't! there's no limits to your power it seems ;)

    1. Ha thanks Jess! I did the steps at the end because the first people I showed it to kinda thought I had combined 2 photos with the photoshop button. I was initially frustrated that they didn't appreciate the work that had gone in. David Luong (the workshop instructor) later pointed out that it just goes to show that I did a good job, and it's actually a compliment :)