23 November 2019

Dragon Prince Season 3 is out now on Netflix!

I know blogs are old news. But I am feeling like an old man ever since I became a dad, so I’m going to embrace it. Bring back the blog I say! I mainly update on Instagram, but I’d like to continue to write longer rambles on here. It’s kinda therapeutic and cathartic even if it’s just for me.

What’s not old news though? Dragon Prince Season 3!

It just went live on Netflix so go check it out.

For those of you that didn't know (because I havn't posted on here in forever...) working on The Dragon Prince was a real journey for me. I started with development. Then I was Lead BG artist, designing sets and painting mattes while also supervising other BG artists and providing block-ins or paint overs for them. By Season 3 the original art director, Edison Yan, had moved on and I jointly took over his role. It was my first time officially supervising a team, and what a fantastic show to do it on.

I’ve added a few pieces of art from Season One to the project page on my website, and I’ll keep updating it.


Check it out, and check out Season 3 - it’s bigger, grander and more ambitious than the first two seasons combined. But it’s got a lot of heart. We put a lot into it and we are really proud of it being released into the wild at long last!

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