20 February 2012

Speedy Environment

My girl and I have been excitedly planning a trip to China. We are very excited to go and see some of the real environments that inspired the fantastic Hallelujah Mountains in James Cameron's Avatar. Especially Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain), near Shanghai which was recommended by my friend and colleague Aaron Beck as an absolute must see. You can see the inspiration clearly coming through in this pic :)

I have also been looking at the likes of Kekai Kotaki, James Paick and Levi Hopkins lately. Great pics pouring out of those guys on a regular basis. Inspired me to have a crack at a speedy "concept-art" styled piece. Came together fast when I was happy to lay in photo textures - more like I would do at work. And yes, I did the total cliche flock of birds :P Concept art baby!


  1. This is megaboss, boss! Seriously top notch work Cave Matthew™!

  2. Dude, stunning. You should do art for a living!

  3. Very great work Roger of Matthews.

  4. whoa was this the same pic I last saw you working on? things have changed and now look super sweet!

  5. Thanks guys!
    Stu - Not sure which one you saw me working on. I swear I always start and abandon similar compositions before I finish anything enough to post it on meh blog. But thanks :)

    Levi - Thanks for stopping by! I had no expectation that you would see that post! Keep cranking the goodness. Very inspiring stuff xD I'm moving to Vancouver later this year. Hopefully I'll get to come down to Future Poly and get to leech your brain in person. Mwuah ha ha!