16 August 2010

Fanart - theChimpanzee

Was having a bit of 'sandbox time' on the weekend - just playing with no real plan for what would come out. I got this dynamic pose that I kinda liked quite quickly, but the scribbled in head looked like it had gigantic ears. This reminded me of a web comic written by a friend and colleague of mine Leri Greer which is called 'the chimpanzee'. It's a fantastically written story with witty dialogue. I hope he finishes it off someday :) The piece ended up taking a bit longer than I had planned but it was good fun.


  1. Dang! That's rad bro! I haven't checked out Leri's comic in ages, thanks for a well timed kick up the arse. It's awesome stuff eh?

  2. Sppediest praise I ever got :)
    You're definitely my loyalist follower CP. And to think, I havn't even dropped a comment on that bad-ass robot cencerto in four parts that you graced us with recently. It's all take in our relationship buddy, but I can change... if you'll give me another chance?

  3. Thanks for the encouragement fullas! Gonna try and keen the momentum up on the personal work xD