06 August 2010

Funky Cowboy

Here's a wee piece I did for a charity art exhibition that Plunket are putting on.
I've been playing with the old dip / nib pens lately, and this is a piece done with that very tool.
It was a lot of fun despite the lack of undo. When I get around to colouring it I will post that up too :)

Update: See the coloured version here:


  1. Nice work, mate! Inspires me to dig out my own nib pens from the "haven't-used-them-for-over-decade" cupboard.

  2. Thats really cool! Feel strange not to be looking at a computer screen for once?

  3. Nice!
    Love the face of that dude!

  4. Thanks yous fullas!

    Do it Crispy. Less talk, more mess making :)

    Bridgey - I've actually been drawing with a pencil a lot at work lately. As long as I can hear the soothing hum of my computer and be warmed by my screens radiation from the side, then all is well in the world.