29 October 2010

White Cloud Worlds - Signing at Unity Books

Hey guys,
There will be a large group of the contributing artists signing copies tomorrow from 5pm. The signing is at Unity Books, 57 Willis Street in Wellington City. I think almost all the artists are coming to this one, so if you want a copy and you want it signed, this is a good time to do it :) Or if you want to do me a huge favour - come along with a copy of the Hangover and pretend to mistake Greg Broadmore for Zack Galifianakis and ask him to sign your dvd. That would make my day! xD

If you can't make it tomorrow though, there will be another signing at the Weta Cave on November 14th - and I'm sure that will have a good artist turnout too :) Hope to see some of you there.


  1. Ha ha that would also make MY day! Unfortunately it might make Greg's too. Ah well.

  2. The word is on the Weta forums. Hope it works.
    At the same time, if Greg begins to grow his hair with his beard in the coming years, I think we can aim for Alan Moore lookalike next time.

  3. Wow a comment from someone I am not close personal friends with... FAMOUS AT LAST!
    Hehe. Nice one Nicolas, I will be so stoked if someone tries that on :) hehe.
    Weta forums eh? I should drop on there and have a look around myself... didn't really know we had one!

  4. Yep, you finally made it!

    If you go to the forums, tell them 'Exploding Horizons' sent you there.

    I'm also on Steam among the NZ Galifianakis' friends. See you online maybe.

  5. I'll see you there motherfukcer!