07 November 2010

Watercolour Sketches

Well the signing at Unity was a great success. Too many artists to fit behind their large counter - I think 21 contributing artists made it along. It was a heap of fun, as were the beers we all had together afterwards :)
Thanks again to Paul and Kate for all their great efforts in getting White Cloud Worlds off the ground.

As for today's update here are some plein air watercolour sketches. I have completed a bunch of these since I last posted any, and I will post more as I scan them all in.

First up are two I painted in Christchurch this year, shortly after the earthquake. I have family down there, who actually fared reasonably well in the whole ordeal. I had thought to possibly paint some earthquake damage, but Christchurch is such a picturesque little city that I became caught up with the normal sights.

These are painted in a 13x21cm Moleskine watercolour sketchbook.
The first is of an old building across from the new city art gallery in Chrsitchurch. The second is the Avon River, looking North from the Bridge of Rememberance.


  1. Oh man, these are great dude! I particularly like the shadow of Cthulhu creeping into that bottom image.

  2. Yeah that damn Cthulu kept eating my sandwich crumbs. Damn bottom feeders.