15 September 2011

Environment Painting

Here's a little piece I did for myself. Trying to loosen up my work a little and get more texture in, but I really don't want it to be arbitrary or sloppy. This one went pretty easily and I'm happy with it. The architecture is inspired by some unusual Japanese thatched homes, hence the pagoda in the background. During our brief visit to Japan there was a 5 tiered pagoda in Nara that really blew my mind. I've been wanting to put one in a painting ever since. Though this one is so distant that I couldn't put any detail on it without ruining the balance of the piece, so I might have to revisit that fixation yet! You may also notice a wee nod to great illustrator N C Wyeth snuck in there.

Thanks to Adam Anderson for the encouragement and input while I was working on it :)


  1. That's fantastic! Love the artful brushstrokes in the clouds, what button do you press in photoshop for those?

  2. Thanks fellas :)
    The artful brushstrokes come from a new filter added in CS5. Go to Filter>Artistic>MakeMorePainterly. It basically paints itself, and about time too. Its been ridiculous these past years actually having to slave away over the tablet to get results. I'm glad those days are finally over.