09 May 2013

Rivendell update and 3D camera projection

A while back I posted a matte painting of Rivendell which I initially began for a contest over at CGChannel. I hadn't quite finished it when the contest ended and my schedule became hectic so it was pushed to the backburner. Over the last few days I've managed to go back to it and finish it off.

Here is the updated digital matte painting.

Apart from the initial plate supplied by Jonathan Berube, I was responsible for the whole shot, including 3d models for the buildings, 3d camera projection, compositing and the animated birds.

Be sure to check it out in HD here.
You can see the previous version of the piece in progress here.
Jonathan's original photograph that the matte is based on can be seen here.
Process video to come.


  1. Oh fuck off bro! you are just taking the piss now.
    Nah really awesome man, inspiring, need to lift my game :) looking fwd to the process video. (that will tell me exactly how you did this)
    Keep it up mate :)

  2. Haha. Thanks man. Just about to upload the process video... and send you an overdue mail :)